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Author - Diana Dart (aka Di)

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What do you want to know? I'm a mom, wife, blogger, bookkeeper and general Queen of the boys at the office, and that's in no particular order. I spend my mornings running a house full of kids and one determined, kind and sometimes crazy husband (he's an engineer, aren't they all a little crazy??). Then I move to the office of our family business. As co-owner of our established deck & fence company I work with my Dad and a group of ever-patient men (I'm the only female in the place... don't you feel bad for me?). Everything to do with the finances and HR is my domain, but I've worked behind the counter, in the lumber yard and in the back shop. It's been quite a few years since my Dad gave his teenage daughter a job, so I've pretty much seen it all by now. (This is the part where you remark how young I look in that picture...) By nights and on weekends I'm attached to my laptop, writing articles and blogs across the worldwide web and for print. My clients range from retailers to contractors and consultants, but I have a special affinity for the home improvement niche. Hubby and I used to like walking through Home Depot on dates.... yes, that was well before kids came along. Now, dates? What are those again...??? But I can't complain. You'll still find me roaming the aisles of the home reno stores... dreaming of the next big project to tackle or the next batch of articles to write.

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