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Tek screws are popular Fasteners that eliminate the need to predrill when attaching metal to metal or metal to wood. With drill bits incorporated into the tip or point of these screws, all that is needed is a power driver and these Fasteners will be installed properly and efficiently. They are available in almost the same specifications as standard screws, including different dimensions, thread counts and heads types. Your application will determine which type should be used. These and other Nuts and Bolts such as Hex Bolts or Hex Head Cap Screws can be found at a distributor.

Tek Screw Dimensions and Threads

Teks are distinct in design, as they are chosen not only for the screw length, but also for the drill bit diameter. Look for drill point numbers similar to those stated on commercial drills – ranging from 000 (the smallest and measuring around 0.0600″ in diameter) up to number 12 (0.2160″ in diameter) and beyond. You will find tek screw drill bit points in common fractional sizes such as 1/2″, 5/8″ and 3/4″. Remember that the diameter of the drill bit point is always smaller than the actual diameter of the fastener. Tek screws come in common diameters, including number 8 (0.1640″), 10 (0.1900″) and 12 (0.2160″).

In terms of thread density, or the count of threads found per inch of screw length, most tek brands have between 12 and 14 threads per inch. This is similar to standard screws.

Different Heads Available

You’ll find tek screws in all of the common head types. For light or common carpentry tasks, flat head teks are available, while Phillips and Robertson (or square) heads are used in many other applications.

You can find this type of screw in countersunk style, allowing for a flush surface finish on your application. There are also styles with an integrated neoprene washer that provides protection and a seal on the metal surface.

Magnetic tek screws use rare earth magnets inside the screw head to allow for precise, hands free installation. This type is in high demand for tight spots and in applications where small screws need to be fitted into dark corners or otherwise inaccessible places.

Consider the needs of your application in order to purchase the right style of tek screws. These fasteners make quick, efficient work when attaching metal to metal or metal to wood, but having the proper screw is still important.

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