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When your application requires a fixing that is tamper proof specialty Fasteners are the best option. But the type and style of tamperproof Fasteners used will depend on the design of your project. Nuts and Bolts such as Deck Screws, Hex Bolts may be required. There are several choices available.

Shear Nuts

This specially designed nut works with any bolt of a comparable size. It has a standard hex head on one end that is attached to a smooth, conical shaped extension. When the nut is tightened that hex head actually shears off, leaving the conical shape on the bolt. This component acts as a stable nut, but is exceptionally difficult to remove.

Your application will have all of the stability and strength needed with the conical nut, but these fasteners do not present an easy removal method.

Torx Screws

One of the most popular lines of security screws, Torx is the brand that is often used for tamper proof applications. These fasteners have a specially formed recess that cannot be tightened or loosened using a standard bit. If one of these bits are used it will be obvious that the screw was tampered with. If your application requires tamper resistance, rather than a serious deterrent against tampering, these screws are a good option.

There are many different types of tamper resistant fasteners that come in a wide variety of designs and sizes. Many times a manufacturer will use a specific style (or two) of tamper resistant screw, if only to streamline the bits required for assembly. If they also need to provide a bit to their customers for at home assembly, it makes sense to use the same style of screw in various locations.

Oddly Shaped Nuts and Screws

One of the easiest ways to produce a tamper proof or tamper resistant fastener is by making the shape unique. Sometimes it is the nut that is oddly sized and unable to be tightened by regular means; other times it is the screw head that includes a strangely shaped recess. Both of these designs work very well.

They can easily be maneuvered with the right tool, but otherwise these fasteners will need to stay put. This set up provides an acceptable level of security for many different applications.

No matter what option is used, tamper proof fasteners add value to your project and can be utilized to protect your customer and your business.

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