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No matter how large your contracting company is, relationships with your suppliers will allow you to save money and run a tighter ship. From wood and building materials to Fasteners and safety supplies, your projects require a vast array of materials to be handled well such as Hex Bolts or Hex Head Cap Screws and you will need a vast network of suppliers to help get you through. Find out how to build a relationship with your Fasteners Distributor and handle that portion of the job well.

Get Various Contacts

The fasteners industry is a competitive one and there are many different contacts you could reach out to. But not all are created equally and frankly, not all are worth your time.

Look for a fasteners distributor that is local enough to offer same day or overnight shipping for a reasonable cost. That will likely save you some serious wait time and not having this option could be a problem when your schedule is tight. This could mean that your preferred distributor is within a short drive or has a strong delivery network covering your state or county. Most often an overseas or foreign distributor is not the answer for fast delivery and immediate availability.

Work Out Beneficial Payment Terms

Be prepared to pay COD for the first few deliveries in order to establish a good credit history with the distributor. They may even offer a generous discount if you continue to pay cash, although it is most often beneficial for the contractor to have thirty day terms.

Find out whether they will accept charge cards or electronic payments (such as online money transfers or PayPal payments). These are fast and reliable methods of payment that often cut down on the administrative costs for both parties. Be sure that the invoicing is accurate and that all purchase orders issued are clear.

Be Reasonable and Friendly

As in all business relationships, it helps to be reasonable when dealing with the distributor. Don’t expect the impossible and work within their systems whenever you can. Chances are they will be more than willing to help you out whenever possible and once you have established a good rapport then the communication, orders and processing will be even smoother.

If you’re looking for ways to run your contracting business better consider the many benefits of having a good relationship with your fasteners distributor. This supplier will keep you stocked up with all of the essentials your projects require, making your job easier and more profitable.

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