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Building decks can be a very rewarding weekend project that will add value and enjoyment to your backyard. Although there are certain advantages to having  professional contractors handle the construction, a DIY deck can be just as nice providing you have a good design and use top quality materials such as Decking Screws or other Nuts and Bolts. Besides purchasing high grade lumber, you will also need to order the deck fasteners to hold your structure together.

Where is the Best Place To Buy Deck Fasteners From?

You may be able to find deck screws or nails at the local building supply store, but the price and quality may not be what you need for a fantastic finish. It’s best to contact an industry professional and source out fasteners made from materials that the professionals would use. Check online or visit a local fastener distributor to price out all of the fasteners required for this job.

Are you thinking about stainless steel, but put off by the premium price? Although stainless steel fasteners do cost more initially, the quality and appearance of this material makes it well worth the investment. Especially wise if you are investing in maintenance free composite decking, stainless steel will never corrode or leave rusty red marks on your decking.

If the extra investment isn’t in the budget, hot dipped galvanized deck fasteners such as lag bolts, deck screws, joist hangers and joist hanger nails will all provide a decent amount of protection against corrosion.

What Can You Expect to Pay For Deck Fasteners?

The material list for a DIY deck can be extensive, depending on the size and design. Extra features such as pergolas, privacy screens and planter boxes will add to the standard materials needed.

In any case, the hardware for a pressure treated wood deck project – including all of the deck fasteners required – will run between 4 and 8 percent of the total cost. That means if you are spending around $2000 on the deck materials, fasteners will account for $80 to $160 of that total.

Although they are not a large portion of the cost, using quality deck fasteners ordered from industry leading fastener distributors will help you to build the deck of your dreams.

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