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Washers are a common and integral part of any fastener combination. Fasteners like galvanized washers provide even more protection and strength by adding the process of galvanization, which protects against corrosion. But washers themselves serve a higher purpose and a fastener would not be the same without them. Other common Fasteners are Hex Bolts and Nuts and Bolts in general which are used by do-it-yourself handy persons and Contractors.

What Are Washers Exactly?

The small component that fits between a nut and the structural component being fastened is called a washer. Galvanized washers have been treated for corrosion resistance and offer longevity and strength – they are a must in exterior applications.

Does My Application Need a Washer?

Washers serve a few different purposes and almost any application that involves a nut will benefit from a washer. Washers serve to distribute load for a fastener. Whether it is a bevel washer (used with sloped surfaces) or a lock washer (generally used to keep the fitting tight) these components are essential to the overall fit and durability of that point in a structure.

Galvanized washers work well for exterior applications, serving as a spacer between the nut and the wood, steel or other material being fastened. They also act as a barrier against wear, which is important in many circumstances. Even if a nut is only removed sporadically, a properly fitted washer will keep the material underneath protected from wear. Even the slightest movement in the structure can also result in wear over time unless there is a washer to act as a pad.

If you are using a nut and bolt combination, washers will complete the set and provide the optimum durability.

Be sure that the material and finish of the washer matches the other components. Galvanized washers, for instance, work exceptionally well with galvanized nuts and bolts, but if your application is inside and corrosion is not anticipated to be a problem, skip the galvanized line and opt for something else. When using stainless steel bolts and nuts, choose a stainless steel washer to maintain the same levels of strength and corrosion resistance.

Washers in any shape, size and material offer vital support for your fastener. They keep a tight fit, protect against wear, distribute the load and act as a spacer. Galvanized washers work well with your exterior fasteners for a strong, durable fit. Don’t leave them out.

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