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In most parts of the continent building decks is seasonal work. When the jobs are out there and the weather’s cooperating you need to be able to source the materials and get on site asap. Besides the lumber and equipment, quality deck fasteners are the most essential element in professionally built decks. When the pressure of your schedule is on, you’ll need to know how to order deck fasteners fast. There are a variety of fasteners available to use in the building of a deck such as Torx Deck Screws and Stainless Screws just to name a couple.

There are three common methods of getting these vital materials to your job site.

Building Supply Store Pick Up

Either you can drive down to the local building supply store or send one of the guys. More often than not, unless you’re looking for a small amount of a standard fastener, these big box stores won’t have what you need on the shelf. But because they’re handy, many contractors try them first.

Specialty deck fasteners are not on the inventory of popular building supply stores. And most of the time you can count on very little help from the employees (sorry guys, but you usually haven’t been trained in the ins and outs of fasteners and you probably don’t get paid enough to bother finding out for yourself).

If the product is in stock, great – this method is fast and efficient. If however, the big box building store doesn’t have the fasteners that you need, they’ll offer to put in a special order. The catch is that order will take an enormous amount of time and paperwork to get moving.

The verdict? A trip to the building store is not the best plan.

Fastener Rep Comes to You

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones. Maybe the fastener rep drives by your jobsite every day and stops in with a current catalogue and price list. If this is the case, a rep should be able to answer your questions, fill you in on industry innovations and generally give you enough service to get the sale.

Let’s be realistic though – this isn’t usually how it works. Generally you’ll call the distributor’s office and set a time for the rep to come visit. They might be able to make it fast, but usually we’re talking at least a few days until they can get to you. Once they do make it, you might be able to put in an order on the spot and expect delivery within a few days. But if they don’t have the capabilities to do on the road ordering, you’ll be waiting until they get back to the office for the order to go in.

It’s bound to be an accurate order and the rep can troubleshoot any problems you’re having. They can show you the newest deck fasteners on the market and offer tips on ordering levels. But unless they’re on site within a few hours, there is still a better way to order deck fasteners.

Shop for Deck Fasteners Online

It’s true. The fastest and most accurate way to find the deck fasteners you need is online. There you can browse through a selection of specialty fasteners that are in stock and ready to ship. You can find information about the products, as well as tips and advice if you need it.

Perfect for the pros, online fastener distributors are the best place for builders just starting out as well. Buy one box or buy in bulk – it’s always convenient and always fast. Freight will add a little to the overall cost, but no more than you’ll pay ordering through the rep.

Look for an online retailer that specializes in fasteners, as opposed to those who offer everything under the sun. Then you can expect specialized service and knowledgeable help if and when you need it. Wondering whether stainless steel is worth the cost? Ask. Thinking about the benefits of specialty bits? Ask about that, too. Help is only a phone call or an email away.

When you need deck fasteners fast there’s only one place that delivers the selection, speed and knowledge necessary. Find on online fastener distributor and get ordering. Then get back to work.

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