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You know the type.  They work hard, they play hard… and they can be hard to buy for.  Contractors are looking forward to taking a few days off this season, but how can you make their holiday complete?  With the perfect gift, of course.

And in the spirit of the season we at FastenFinder have wracked our brains to come up with a list of the top five gifts for the contractor in your family.  Get shopping with these gift ideas in mind, and look forward to a serious bear hug come Christmas morning.

Warm and wicked work gloves.

1) Warm Workwear – How would you feel if your office was out in the blowing snow of mid-January?  Contractors work hard all year long and they deserve a chance to get warm while they’re out there.  Lined work pants, heavy duty work gloves and even hats will be greatly appreciated.  Nothing frilly and absolutely no plaid scarves, please.

Techie is the new sexy.

2) Techie Toys – Communications have gone high-tech on the construction site, too, so keep your contractor up-to-date with the latest in techie gadgets.  A smartphone or tablet can help them with tons of business stuff, as this list of apps shows, not to mention the fact that these things are just plain fun.

Give them an easy caffeine kick.

3) Single Serve Coffee Maker – He or she may not be a coffee snob, but there is no dealing with him or her until they’ve had their morning java.  Why not speed the process along with a quick brewing single serve coffee maker?  These magical machines allow them to choose their fav hot beverage and will be a great addition to your kitchen counter.

Look for something a little more up to date...

4) Inspiring Literature – We’re not talking Hemingway or Twain here.  What they want is a subscription to a trade magazine (that they don’t get at the office) or a guidebook for fun weekend projects.  Branch out from what they do everyday – get a woodworking contractor a book on stone or an electrician something about home improvements.  The IFI guide is super handy for anyone that wants to learn more about fasteners (but you could just bookmark this blog too… it’s much cheaper).

This contractor needs a garage.

5)  Something Big They’re Saving For – A truck rack, that workbench expansion, a screw gun for deck screws – if there is something for their work that they haven’t bought yet (hey, it has been a tough couple of years), gather your pennies and buy it for them.  They’ll be amazed, touched and doggone grateful, guaranteed.  Just keep the receipt, too.

And from our families to yours, have a wonderful holiday season.  Merry Christmas!

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