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The type of fasteners that you use on a project such as Deck Screws, Hex Bolts or other Nuts and Bolts go a long way towards achieving the level of quality you desire. This is especially true when your project is something outdoors – like a deck. You can invest in the nicest deck boards and design the structure with amazing features, but if you use low end deck screws the entire project will be compromised. The overall appearance will not be what you expected and the whole thing won’t last as long.

There are three things you need to look for in quality deck screws that will let you know the fasteners are adequate. Material, length and head type are all key characteristics when shopping for these screws.

Which Material Is Best?

Although they cost more initially, you’ll never regret installing stainless steel deck screws in your backyard. Designed to last no matter what nature throws at it, stainless steel is the number one choice for any fasteners used outdoors. They look beautiful and shiny when left unfinished although many of the top manufacturers offer color coated heads to allow for a seamless finish.

General residential applications will do well with 305 (or 18/8) grade stainless steel, whereas marine locations and areas that have a high exposure to salt may need to go with 316 grade stainless.

Which Length Is Needed?

Most deck screws are available in lengths from 2″ to 4″, depending on the size of the screw. While you may find a use for the 2″ length, most deck builders and DIY enthusiasts are best to invest in a large quantity of 3″ long deck screws. These can be used to secure the deck boards down, as well as attach the fascia board, stair treads and railings. A #10 x 4″ screw may be useful in certain circumstances, but by and large the 3″ will do everything that you need.

Which Head is Best?

In order to avoid camming out most professionals use the square or Robertson head screws. Your screwdriver or bit “cams out” when it slips from the screw head, causing damage to the screw and quite possibly your tools. A square headed screw eliminates this problem, as does a torx head. Some manufacturers offer the torx head on their deck screws, but many stick with the traditionally preferred square head.

Your deck will look better when you have chosen deck screws in the right material, the proper length and the most efficient head. Invest in the best and you’re bound to be satisfied.

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