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Tiny things like fasteners can make a major difference to design and construction projects. The right fasteners such as Deck Screws, Deck Board Fasteners and Deck Nails will fit right in and do their job properly, creating a solid finish that’s both attractive and highly functional. Professional deck contractors know that flat head screws are the only way to go when installing deck board and many other components of the deck structure.

Why Flat Head Screws?

To provide a smooth surface for the most comfortable walking conditions and the best appearance, flat head screws are a must. They are countersunk into the deck board to provide that flush surface that’s so desired. Whether your deck is built from cedar, treated lumber or composite products, a flat head will create the finish you want.

Typically a deck screw is 2 1/2″ and that length is measured from the top of the head (which would be flush with the surface) to the tip of the screw. This is plenty long enough to secure the 1 to 2” deck boards that people are using today. Flat screws are generally available in Phillips, square or torx heads as well, so you can take your pick and grab a bit to get started on the installation.

Are They Necessary On the Framing?

Although round head wood screws are available, most people do not use them anywhere on a deck. You might use oval countersunk screws on the framing, railing and stairs although they do leave a slight mound. Only flat head countersunk screws are used on the deck board.

Other fasteners used in the framing include lag bolts and carriage bolts – both with the typical bolt heads (either round or hex). Because the framing is hidden for the most part the head of your fasteners is not as important, although for consistency and convenience the same type of driving method is often used. Whether you prefer a square or a torx head, keeping your bit in the power driver is much quicker than switching it out for each fastener.

In order to provide the smoothest, most attractive finish on your decking flat head screws are the only choice. Order them in stainless steel to provide a lifelong strength and resistant to corrosion as well. Then sit back and enjoy your beautiful outdoor living space.

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