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It may seem like the global village is a good thing for your business. Maybe you can cut costs by outsourcing or bringing in supplies from overseas such as Nuts and Bolts, Hex Bolts or Hex Head Cap Screws. But is this actually helpful in every aspect of your business? For Contractors and manufacturing firms looking to source out fasteners there may be more in the mix than lower costs. The service, speed and attention that a local fasteners distributor can offer might far outweigh any savings you will garner from purchasing these elements abroad.

Excellent Service

A local fasteners distributor has a leg up on the distributor from a foreign location. Not only do local firms know your working conditions, they are also familiar with the business climate and all of the ins and outs of running a company in your neck of the woods.

Are there certain state or provincial tax implications that are applicable to your business or project? Dealing with a local will eliminate the need to explain those in detail or waste time filling out paperwork to set up the business transactions properly.

Does your building or electrical code specify a particular fastener material or design due to climate or other issues? The fastener distributor that is established in your neighborhood will be familiar with those codes and will even help you to comply better with advice and suggestions.

Speed is of the Essence

A major factor to deal with when buying from a foreign distributor is the speed of delivery. Getting the fasteners you need from an overseas firm will take time. And even if you find those items for a cheaper price, getting them shipped to your location will take time and money. Are you willing (and able) to wait?

Not only will the speed of delivery make a difference, but the rapid service in terms of quoting and putting through orders will also be a plus. A local distributor will have similar hours of operation (being in the same time zones has its privileges) and when telephone service just won’t do, visiting local firms is possible.

Personal service by a local rep is likely to be more dependable from a nearby company or even one that is in your state (as opposed to those in another country). And that kind of service is what will help make your project smooth and successful.

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