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There are a lot of components and materials such as nuts and bolts, needed when building a deck. From concrete to lumber, joist hangers to Fasteners like lag bolts, carriage bolts and deck screws – you might find that the whole thing gets rather confusing. As you look at the selection of deck screws and notice the color options, something might crack. Frustrated and not buying into the need to coordinate your fasteners with the lumber, you could walk out with whatever color was closest on the shelf.

But if you do, you’re going to regret it. Why? Because deck screws that clash with or stand out on your deck board can ruin the entire look of your deck.

Why Colored?

So you’re wondering why to bother with color. Take a look at the flooring under your feet. Unless you’re outside on the grass or standing on a concrete slab, the fasteners are generally hidden. Carpet staples are hidden away and hardwood and laminate slats are grooved and clipped together for that smooth look. Tiling will display the grout along the edges, but a good installation means that the grout itself becomes a part of flooring in appearance. Everything is consistent.

If you invest in decking that has a beautiful color like cedar or provides a low maintenance finish like composite, you are not going to want it marred by silver metal screw heads every 16 inches or so. What you want is that smooth look and colored deck screws help you get there.

Even with hidden fastener systems you can use black deck screws to affect a better overall look. On that PVC railing you’re looking at for the front porch there are white screws in just the right size to provide a clean, crisp finish. Most manufacturers have a wide selection of colors for the decking – choose from any of the 18 that Headcote offers in their standard deck screw line.

Colored screw heads are available in ACQ rated deck screws and in stainless steel. You can find them on screws made especially for composite decks and deck screws in all of the common (and plenty of the uncommon) sizes. Take a piece of deck board with you to check the color or simply order what the manufacturers or distributors recommend based on the decking being used.

Have a nicer looking deck surface. It’s worth that extra minute to choose the right colored deck screws. Now get on with the project.

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