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The type of head that your screw has will greatly affect the performance of the fasteners in your application. What that means is you should pay attention to which type of screw or nut and bolt you use. Many are better for use with specific materials, others should be put to use in certain circumstances. One of the more common types of screw seen in a wide variety of applications are trim-head screws and this style provides some unique benefits to your project. Other fasteners are Hex Head Cap Screws and Hex Bolts.

Distinct Features

Trim head screws are similar to flat head screws in both looks and design. They have a circular head that is intended to finish flush with the surface of the material being fastened. The heads are often formed with nibs to ensure a nicer countersunk finish when the hole was not predrilled.

The difference between trim head screws and flat heads lies in the size of the head. Trim heads are made more like a finishing nail and work very well in that capacity. When you are screwing in a place where the screw head is best hidden, trim head screw with color matched finish will virtually disappear.

The driver recess on the trim head is the same size as the one on a flat head screw of a similar size. It’s only the surface of the head around the recess that is smaller. This allows for less screw to show, much like that finishing nail. And just like the tiny nail, trim head screws are very often used in trim applications, especially on outdoor products.

If you need something even smaller, ask you fastener distributor about sourcing out a trim head line that uses a #1 square head instead of the minimum #2 that is generally used on flat head types.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Less screw can be a good thing or it can be annoying. If you are already a little clumsy at handling fasteners, a trim head screw is only going to give you the slip more often. Because the head is smaller, there is less to grip, although that is normally made up for with a well recessed driver.

Unobtrusive while still allowing for the right amount of strength and stability, trim head screws will continue to be popular with contractors and homeowners alike.

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