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Besides the common deck screws, every contractor and do it your selfer will need certain uncommon deck fasteners to build a deck. From the posts to the railing, fasteners are what hold the structure together. And without these essential items your project will be unsafe and unattractive.

Wood Lag Bolts

Although some contractors use carriage bolts to attach beams to the posts on a deck frame, many opt for the simpler wood lag bolt. These deck fasteners are actually more like a screw, since they have a pointed tip and do not necessarily need a nut. You’ll still need a washer sandwiched between the hex head and the wood in order to distribute the load properly.

Joist Hangers

These brackets are generally made from zinc plated steel and are used to attach the joists in your deck framing. They work to distribute the weight of the wood and are a much safer, secure way to put together the perpendicular pieces of lumber that form deck framing. Often the lumber is simply nailed into a joist hanger, although in some cases screws may be used. All the joist hangers are covered by the deck board and can only be viewed from underneath once the deck is completed.


When ACQ lumber is used to construct a deck and aluminum railing is installed on the same deck, certain levels of protection need to be applied. Due to the chemicals used in ACQ wood treatment it cannot have direct contact with aluminum. If it does, the aluminum will not last long. Spacers need to be installed between the two materials in order to allow both the longevity they are known for.

Most aluminum railing packages will include these elements, but ask at the local building supply store if you cannot find them or contact a fastener distributor to see what they would recommend. This can be a problem when wood posts are used in conjunction with aluminum railing or aluminum railing posts are bolted onto the surface of a pressure treated wood deck.

Be sure that you are fully stocked up on all of the deck fasteners required to construct your project. From deck screws to wood lag bolts, joist hangers and aluminum railing spacers, there are many different common and uncommon fasteners used during construction.

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