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There are many different applications and projects that are well served by tamper proof Fasteners. Not only beneficial to the business, but also put in place to protect the public, this style of Fastener is essential and advantageous in a variety of ways. Other helpful Nuts and Bolts available may include Hex Bolts and Hex Head Cap Screws.

To Protect and Solidify the Manufacturer’s Warranty

This is a practice often used for electronics – tamper proof fasteners that keep customers out of the guts of the system, yet allow the manufacturers full access. If a product is brought back for warranty, the condition of the fasteners on the outside casing will notify the service department whether anything has been tampered with inside. If so, the warranty is likely void. If not, it will stand.

This protects the public and the business. It is standard practice for many manufacturers today. Tamper proof screws tend to add little to the initial cost and protect the manufacturer from unnecessary service costs, helping to maintain affordability and competitiveness in any marketplace.

Security and Permanence

Many times the signage and structures installed at building sites get damaged or vandalized. And valuable electronic equipment is often left in unsupervised locations that leave the equipment vulnerable to theft and damage. There are other instances where fixtures, doors, windows and other items need to be secured well.

Correctional facilities use tamper proof fasteners to prevent any alterations and damage. Contractors use these products to ensure both temporary and permanent structures are better protected. Technical and computer manufacturers use these screws, nuts and washers to maintain a high level of security in racks and systems. Whatever the incidence or application, tamper proof products provide a high level of security and increase confidence and safety.

To Maintain Industry Secrets and Limit Access

This is a common practice in electronics, where competitors can easily adapt the new and emerging technologies. In order to maintain industry secrets and limit access to the design and features of electronic devices, many manufacturers design or use their own unique fasteners. This ensures that the inside of the devices are less vulnerable to casual review, although determination and the right tools will usually work to loosen any tamper resistant and tamper proof products.

By no means a foolproof method of protecting their R&D, manufacturers and designers know that tamper proof fasteners are only one stage in the fight to keep advances in technology under wraps.

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