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You’ll need a good supply of the proper Fasteners such as Decking Screws, Hex Bolts or Hex Head Cap Screws to list a few to construct wood projects such as decks, sheds and play centers. Since these structures are outside and exposed to all of the elements you’ll need to be sure the fasteners are strong enough to last. Galvanized lag bolts go well beyond standard lag bolts in terms of protection and strength, delivering the dependability your project demands.

Why Use Galvanized Fasteners?

A structure is only as strong as the fasteners that hold it together. And where corrosion is a factor, those fasteners need to offer a high level of corrosion resistance. Otherwise the metal will rust and deteriorate quickly, possibly in a manner of months.

Galvanized lag bolts are only slightly more expensive than standard lag bolts. They will allow your fence, deck or wooden garden feature to last beautifully for years to come. Even in coastal regions where the moisture and precipitation are almost constant, galvanization protects the steel fasteners and provides the strength you need.

What Is Galvanization?

Most galvanized lag bolts are treated with the hot dipped galvanization method. This process uses heat to coat the steel fastener with a thin layer of zinc. That zinc acts as a mechanical barrier against the chemical reaction of corrosion and will slow down the effects substantially. If you need unlimited protection against rust and discoloration you’re best to go with stainless steel lag bolts, but galvanized fasteners will provide decades and decades of reliable performance.

The galvanization process is also safe for indoor use. If you have any concerns about corrosion inside the home, play it safe and use hot dipped galvanized fasteners. Especially in structures such as sheds or garages, where there is some protection against the elements but not complete coverage, the use of galvanized lag bolts is smart.

Galvanized fasteners are the wisest option for exterior projects that involve lumber, providing a high level of protection for a reasonable cost. Be sure that your lag bolts are fitted with galvanized washers and nuts and that all other hardware and fasteners used on the project can offer the same level of protection. One of the most popular fasteners for contractors and homeowners alike, galvanized lag bolts offer your projects the protection they need against rust and wet weather.

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