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Whether you DIY this project or hire a contractor to install it for you, the materials on your deck are a very large portion of the final cost. Although lumber makes up the bulk of it, getting a good deal on the deck fasteners or nuts and bolts help a lot on the final budget.

Where can you get the best deals? And is it a good idea to skimp on certain styles and types of fasteners to lower the bottom line? Look at this element a little closer before you decide.

Finding the Best Deals

In the fastener world prices can range far and wide depending on where you are sourcing the product from , who the manufacturer is and how much you are buying. Start by looking for someone local or browsing online for a fastener distributor that has reasonable shipping costs. Because of the weight of these products and the ever increasing price of fuel, shipping is often a major element in the price. Online retailers can save you money in certain circumstances juts because they are online – no storefront or brick and mortar to deal with means lower costs for you.

Buying in bulk is your number one way to get a good deal on the deck fasteners. Certain things you likely won’t be able to buy a huge quantity of. You may only need a handful of post saddles and a pocketful of carriage bolts or wood lags. If you see a need for the fastener in the future though, buy a box and keep them on hand – you may not save money now, but you’ll certainly be saving some down the road.

Does It Make Sense to Skimp?

You will probably wonder whether you actually need the corrosion resistance of a heavy zinc plated deck screw or even stainless steel deck fasteners. You may look at the price tag and turn away. But think of it this way – you are investing in a lifelong finish on your deck. This is especially important if you are choosing low maintenance products or are designing a high end pressure treated lumber deck. Don’t run the risk of having the screws, joist hangers and other deck fasteners rust in a few years. And when ACQ treated lumber is in play, you will need that more expensive type of fastener, no doubt about it.

Get the best deal, but don’t sacrifice the quality of your project by choosing inferior deck fasteners.

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