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There are various types of Building Fasteners available on the market today such as Hex Bolts, Hex Head Cap Screws as well as other Fasteners that Contractors use. Besides different materials, there are also Robertson, slot and Phillips head screws that each offer benefits and advantages in certain applications.

Brief History of Phillips Head Screws

Phillips head screws have been around since the 1930’s when automobile assembly lines were popping across the country. This set up required a screw that could be tightened with the automated drivers on the line and the Phillips head screws designed by Henry Phillips fit the bill.

Robertson screws had been around for almost three decades and where commonly found on building sites. But with the need for a screw that would fasten tighter and take greater levels of torque, the cross-shaped head developed by Phillips took off after it had been introduced.

Benefits On Today’s Building Sites

Besides being able to provide the tight fit that businesses were looking for in the 30’s, Phillips head screws also provide advantages for standard applications on a building site.

Wood frames, drywall and many other locations where numerous screws are used are a great place to use a Phillips screw. This is because the cross-shaped grooves in the head provide a greater surface area for the screwdriver to contract the fastener, meaning the pressure is distributed better and tightening results in less wear and tear on the screw.

The mating surface (where the driver contacts the screw head to tighten and loosen) is subject to the most wear. When the pressure is on against this surface a stripped screw may be the result. This difficult and potentially costly situation is often avoided by using a Phillips screw. Because this style has a larger mating surface (thanks to the cross-shape and compared to the slot or Robertson style) there will be less pressure on each individual point and so less chance for stripping.

The crossed grooves also hold your driver or bit in tight and cut down on slipping, which can help the installation of these screws to go much faster. Hanging drywall, screwing in floor boards and many other applications on a building site will benefit from the speed and reliability offered by the Phillips head screw.

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