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Building Fasteners come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, materials and designs such as Hex Bolts, Hex Head Cap Screws and other Nuts and Bolts. All of these specifications are offered for a specific purpose – whether it is longevity, strength, adaptability or a myriad of others. The different head styles available for screws and bolts will suit different circumstances. Understanding which applications match which head style is essential.

Round Head – Arched with a high crown and a slightly smaller diameter than the popular pan head, round head fasteners are a good choice for general use.

Pan Head – Similar to round heads, except made with a larger diameter and lower profile. The circumference is also higher to provide more strength and depth on the head.

Truss Head – Finding the middle ground between the round head and pan head, truss heads have a low profile with a slightly higher circumference than round heads.

Flat 82i Head – Fluted from the threads to the perfectly flat head surface, this screw provides a countersink effect on standard materials.

Flat 100i Head – Similar to the 82i style, this head has a wider diameter, making it a better choice for soft metals, plastics and other materials when the fastener needs to be countersunk.

Flat Undercut Head – Made with the diameter of the 82i head, the undercut style is truncated for use with thin materials.

Oval Head – Useful when you need to countersink the screw, but would also like the attractive finish of a rounded head.

Hex Washer Head – Similar to the popular and highly useful hex head, this style has a washer incorporated to provide a wider bearing surface.

Hex Indented Head – Also similar to a hex head fastener, except with an indent that makes these fasteners more economical and even easier to use.

Binding Head – This pan-shaped head has a slight lip and an undercut to provide space for holding in wires and other thin materials while the fastener is being tightened.

There are many other specialty heads that offer the perfect solution to specific applications. Common fasteners used in residential, commercial and industrial buildings will come in a variety of the above head options. You only need to choose the type that will best suit your application and go from there.

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