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We’ve covered the benefits of buying from a national or local Fastener Distributor not only as a Contractor but for everyone else, as opposed to an overseas company especially when purchasing Nuts and Bolts, Hex Bolts and Hex Head Cap Screws. The lower levels of service and slower delivery speeds may negate lower prices across the Atlantic or Pacific. But what about the difference between a brick and mortar local distributor and an online company? Is there an obvious advantage for your firm? And what can you gain from a firm ready with both options?

There Are Differences

It may depend on your style of research, but many brick and mortar fastener distributors are sorely lacking in the information available on their websites. When you want facts and figures fast, a brick and mortar shop may be just a phone call away. But what about after hours or before they open? How can you get the data you need right away when the rep is unreachable and their site is unhelpful?

This is where online fastener distributors can shine. With product information and even ordering services on their websites these firms can offer quick, one stop shopping for the busy purchasing managers and contractors out there.

Face to Face For a Change

Yes, there is something to be said for a fastener rep who will visit your office, sell you on the virtues of each line and offer suggestions and solutions to upcoming price increases or supply problems. These relationships are extremely valuable for contractors and management staff alike, but the frequency of those visits can be detrimental when those people need information quick.

This is where the value of a fastener distribution company that does both shines. If they have a rep who can offer that personal service, as well as a website that’s both up to date and easy to navigate, you can have the best of both worlds. Help lines, chat features and toll free numbers are all added attractions to these firms that put customer service high on the priority list.

No matter what type of ordering and information services these companies offer, nothing beats experience in the industry. A fasteners distributor with poorly trained staff and an unproven track record is risky to deal with. Not only will their lack of knowledge make them less helpful to your staff but their pricing and service may also be unreliable.

Get on board with a fasteners distributor you can trust. Years of experience and the type of ordering systems that work for you are key. Local shops or online stores, get the fasteners you need fast with the top distributors.

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