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Maybe you’re interested in building a deck this season and are hoping to tackle the job yourself. DIY projects can save you big money. But in order to be sure your deck will stand the test of time, it’s essential that homeowners educate themselves on the basics of deck construction as well as the details about the best materials to use. Deck fasteners are much different than common fasteners such as Hex Bolts or other common Nuts and Bolts and handymen, handywomen and Contractors should know why these specialty materials need to be used.

Deck Screws Vs Wood Screws

You could build a deck using wood screws instead of deck screws, but after the first year you will very likely be disappointed in the appearance. And after a few more years the structure itself may deteriorate past the point of being safe.


Deck screws are made with the conditions of a deck in mind. Treated to resist corrosion, deck screws are often coated in ceramic or painted to match the color of the deck materials. This is so that the surface of the structure will be attractive in any weather, even after years of sun, rain and snow beating down on it.

Wood screws, on the other hand, are formulated for use with wood framing and structures inside your home. Often made from bronze, they are not suited for exterior exposure. Although they will do the job and attach your wood deck boards securely to the framing, those screws will be rusted and unstable within a short period of time.

Besides the color, deck screws and wood screws look the same. Be sure of what you are purchasing from the fastener distributor and opt for deck fasteners that include corrosion resistance and coatings to match the decking.

What About Nails?

Nails are categorized in the same way. They can all be used with wood and many of the sizes and shapes you find on the hardware store shelves will work on a deck. But when those deck fasteners are not treated with rust resistance they simply will not last.

Nail heads are also vastly different. Those used to drive the fastener into wood are often flat with a wide diameter. They will be installed flush with the surface to provide a smooth look on your decking and framing. Decking nails are made to be strong enough and attractive enough for use on these projects. Anything else will likely ruin it.

Be sure that your material list includes the deck fasteners required to get the job done. Along with the tools and know you needed, these items will help you get the job done.

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