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Simple decks are an ideal DIY project, while the more complicated multi-layered designs are best left to the Contractors and pros. No matter who builds them and how they are designed, all of these backyard features are put together with common deck fasteners like Deck Screws and Nuts and Bolts.

Nails, screws, bolts and lags – decks run the gamut of different fasteners. Each area is held together with a certain type.

Footings and Framing

Depending on how the foundation of your deck is installed, there may be post saddles or pins used on the footings. In other situations a wooden post is bolted into a floating pier or post spike.

Bolts and lags are used in the framing. Often the ledger board is bolted into the house and the beams are lagged into those wooden posts. Different contractors use different deck fasteners depending on their personal preferences and the applicable building codes.

Deck Boards

Most often deck boards are attached using deck screws. This provides a better finish on the decking and with the right tools, is installed just as quickly as nails are.

Deck screws offer a better finish when they are epoxy or ceramic coated. This type of fastener allows for color matching and a smoother, better looking finish. If nails are used the surface will be marred by silver/grey marks and it will be much more difficult to remove damaged deck boards. These coatings also offer better corrosion resistance.

Railing and Stairs

Nails can be used in the stairs and on railing components, although this is still a common place for screws. Since deck boards are often used for the stairs, the same deck screws that were used on the deck surface are seen. Nails often fasten the stringers to the framing.

Railing pickets are screwed in, although much shorter screws are used. When tempered glass is used the framings may be nailed, but with aluminum pickets and component products, everything is fit together with screws.

All deck fasteners need to be corrosion resistant, whether that is through a plating or coating or due to the material itself. Stainless steel fasteners are ideal for outdoor projects like a deck and well worth the extra expense. For a dependable, long lasting finish choose deck fasteners with the highest levels of strength.

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