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Contractors of various sizes are kick starting their season with many different projects requiring a huge assortment of materials. Besides watching the labor hours and tallying overhead, these contractors are also constantly on the lookout for ways to save money. Keeping your costs low is often the only way to compete in the fierce construction industry and buying your fasteners such as Decking Screws, Hex Bolts, Hex Head Cap Screws wholesale is a smart and easy way to achieve just that.

What Kind of Savings Are We Talking About?

Building materials stores tack an enormous mark up onto their fastener stock. Maybe they bank on the fact that contractors have no choice but to buy fasteners. Or it could be that because of the relative size of these components (often the smallest piece of the puzzle overall), most contractors don’t feel that any significant savings can be achieved by shopping around.

And that is where they are wrong.

Contacting a fastener distributor and buying fasteners wholesale will save big dollars over the course of a season. Consider the amount of fasteners that even a small business goes through. Boxes and boxes of screws, bolts, nails, washers, nuts and countless other custom fasteners are used in every corner of construction projects. If you saved even a few pennies on each of those fasteners the total savings would be enough to warrant a switch.

The good news is that you can save much more than only a few pennies. Price shopping between building supply stores will often result in that penny difference. But ordering your fasteners in bulk through a wholesaler will deliver major cost differences – it is not unusual to see them offer the products to you at 3/4 to 1/2 of the retailer’s price.

What Is the Catch?

First you need to source out a fasteners wholesaler that is reputable and has the items you need in stock on a regular basis. The ability to order online is key. With the schedule that most contractors keep they need to be able to place orders at any time of day from anywhere. Online ordering systems offer that capability.

They also need to have decent credit terms, since you will likely be ordering in larger quantities. Be sure you have a location to stock these boxes of fasteners, even if it’s only in the bed of a pickup. Shipping costs are important as well and need to be factored into the overall cost to realize the true savings.

Once you have found a distributor you can trust, saving money buying fasteners wholesale will be straightforward. You can look forward to being much more competitive while maintaining the same level of quality you always had.

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