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Hanging drywall is an essential task in new home construction and during renovations. Besides the different types of drywall used in various applications and rooms, there are a variety of drywall fasteners that contractors and DIYers will need to stock up on for a smooth and successful project. Other Fasteners that people may need for various projects are Hex Bolts, Hex Head Cap Screws and other nuts and bolts.

Hanging the Drywall on Wood Framing

The type of framing used on the walls will determine the type of drywall screws used. With wood framing, which tends to be solid and therefore harder to drive into, you will need to use screws with a coarse thread and an acute point. All drywall screws will self-pilot or self-tap, meaning they are made to drive themselves into the material easily.

The head of a drywall screw is bugle-shaped to allow for gentle contact with the drywall paper. Since the screws are installed slightly recessed into the board, these fasteners need to be able to get there without tearing the paper to shreds.

Be careful that you do not torque a drywall screw too much, as the material is often brittle and the head can snap off easily. This will leave you with a problem that requires a lot of mud and patience to fix.

Hanging the Drywall of Steel Framing

Many homes are now framed with steel studs, which are in fact steel channels specially designed to support the wall structure. The steel is light gauge and screws with an acute point should still be used. Often those with a finer thread work best, as they will quickly tap into the steel with very little effort and less chance of breakage.

Drywall screws for both wood and steel framing are often coated with phosphate for corrosion protection. In bathrooms, kitchens and other areas where moisture may be a problem it’s a good idea to opt for stainless steel.

Adhesive Is an Option

In certain cases drywall can be hung using adhesive. Be sure that the product is formulated for use with drywall and applied according to the directions. Look for products with a lower environmental impact to ensure your home is healthy and friendly to the planet.

Drywall screws are the most common fasteners used in installation, although drywall adhesive has its place. The process of installation is straightforward and an ideal project for the DIY enthusiast. You may want to leave the mudding to a professional though.

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