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The quality of the materials used determines the quality of the final product. And this is as true with decking as it is with anything else. Fasteners like Deck screws need to be strong, well made and solid enough to handle the load and traffic of this area. The best quality deck screws will make certain that your project runs smoother and that the final product will shine with the professionalism you’re looking for. These are the nuts and bolts that contractors like to use when building Decks.

Make Up of a Good Deck Screw

Not all are created alike, so beware of cheap imitations and knock offs. Quality deck screws have a certain design that includes elements and shaping to help make installation easier. For instance, the best deck screws have an augered tip for better entry into the deck material. This sharp tip cuts down on splitting and cracking that can occur when using lower quality lumber. It also makes installation faster on those hard materials like Ipe and Mahogany.

Driver Choice

This is a bit of a personal thing, but many of the pros prefer a square driver that has a deeply recessed head for better handling. That being said, there is nothing wrong with a Phillips or a Torx deck screw – it will depend on the kind of tools you like to handle and the bits you have the greatest success with.

Other Head Details

Although the driver may not be a big deal, there are plenty of other details about the head that will provide strong support and a better overall look. Be sure that you find the color of screw head that best matches your decking. If not, the deck surface will look patchy and unprofessional. Opt for colored heads in black if you are using a hidden fastener system.

Depending on whether you are looking for less exposure to the fastener or not, you’ll need to choose between trim head screws and flat head screws. Both should also be formed with nibs for easier countersinking.

Best Materials

Top notch deck screws are usually stainless steel. Perfectly suited for use with ACQ treated lumber and guaranteed to resist corrosion no matter what the exposure to moisture, stainless fasteners are well worth the extra investment in the long run. Second best are the zinc plated screws rated for use with ACQ.

Don’t waste your time and money on lesser quality. Opt for the best deck screws and put together a professional deck for your home or customer.

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